January 20th: Freak-out about the Future Day!

Every now and then I have moments where my mind starts racing a million miles an hour and I start over analyzing every aspect of my life. I don’t know if this is just a girl thing or men have this issue too. But it is NOT FUN.

Today’s major Freak-out: my future and who I’m gonna spend it with. My career and my love life seem to be the two biggest focuses in my mind lately. At the ripe old age of 22, I’m kick-starting my career, trying to figure out exactly what path I want to follow on and be successful as well as watching friends on friends on friends falling in love, getting married and settling down. Here I am working as a contractor (temp style/Extended Intern) for Coca Cola Freestyle and FOUR YEARS into the perpetual single life without so much a permanent career path or any sign of a Real Man. Now I’m not always in panic mode but after a weekend at a lake house hanging with college kids and being the only “real world” kid, your mind is guaranteed to dive into some deep thoughts. Especially once you make it back to reality. A weekend full of heavy ALL DAY drinking ( I did not par take- I was definitely behind on this-I don’t even know how they did it), attempted hook-ups, misleading glances, selfish moments, lots of junk food, and just over all carelessness all reminded me of the craziness of the college years and how much I enjoyed the real world. The struggle with being 22 is that it is such a huge moment in which people either chose to develop and move forward or they get stuck in their selfish college ways. There are two types of people: 1. The boys who are only talking to girls for their bodies not their personalities or because they are trying to develop a friendship/relationship, the girls who are desperately seeking for attention to justify their worth, the people who are going nowhere and have no plan, the ones who live in the past. And 2. The guys who truly respect a woman and know that no means no (not try again in an hour), the girls who are confident and love who they are, the “(wo)man with the plan” who is always thinking on their toes, and the people who just have it together whether it has come easy to them or they have been trying to master it for years. It is important to differentiate between the two kinds of people because one will most definitely hold you back  and the other will most definitely compliment you and will enrich your life. I have come to learn the difference is extremely important to understand, especially after graduation. I just wish it wasn’t so much easier said than done.

Anyways, so what’s the point? Why am I blogging about this? Because it’s a learning experience and I wanted to write about it! Being physically healthy and living a fit life isn’t just about working out and eating healthy, although those are extremely important, mental health is also a huge factor. Being stressed out or upset about something can easily be a setback and it’s important to realize those feelings and move forward any way you know how. For me, the healing process is always a very visual, vocal, and physical process. My cure: look up a picture/quote/video that helps me to understand I am not alone, talk to a friend about how you’re feeling (check!), and workout. I’m really looking forward to my workout- especially my run- tonight and blasting my music to the max. I swear running is the best therapy. The more angry or frustrated I am, the farther and faster I run until I can no longer keep going. 3.8 mile run today, and upper body strength training today. In addition, I’ve eaten an apple with peanut butter and some minestrone soup today. Sticking to that healthy commitment today, although I should eat some more… On days where I’m feeling down, I tend to lose my appetite, so for today it’ll have to do. I hope you are all having a better day than I am. I just need to make today the best I can make it and maybe find someone who can give me a freakin awesome hug. I swear, hugs are magical.  It’s like they say, when life gives you lemons! Happy Tuesday everyone!


How do you deal with days when you are in a funk? What are your stresses lately? Anyone been feeling the same way?