Atlanta’s Hot Chocolate 15K

Man. What a weekend! Friday I made some new friends (workout buddies in fact!), Saturday I saw Taken 3 (not fantastic-but enjoyable!), and Sunday I ran my first 15K!! 

The race was a success. I mean you can’t go wrong with waking up early, running 9.3 miles and stuffing your face with decadent chocolate fondue and hot chocolate. If there was a better way to a girl’s heart, I cannot think of one! Ok lies, there are probably lots of better ways, but I loved my Sunday morning this weekend! 6:30 am wake up call. 7:40 am race time. It was still dark out when I left my apartment that morning and it was 30 degrees outside. YUM. I was really nervous because I hadn’t run that distance in a long while and I was eager to see how I would do. If I may say so myself, I KILLED IT. Here are some of my favorite moments:

  • I ran my first mile in 8 minutes FLAT.
  • I PRd my 5K time (within my last 4 years of running)
  • I PRd my 10K time (within my last 4 years of running)
  • I consumed ungodly amounts of chocolate (with vanilla wafers, rice krispie treats, bananas, marshmallows, and pretzels).


  • These two wonderful families took me under their wing so I wasn’t alone all morning:



  • Finishing healthier, stronger, and closer to my Half Marathon goal.
    • You can see my timing below!


Just to top off the day, the weather was absolutely amazing, I grabbed lunch at Einstein Bro’s bagels (my favorite!- Lox bagel of course), and walked on over to Piedmont park to Playout not Workout with some of my new friends that I met this weekend. What a glorious day!


Here is my running plan for this upcoming week. All amped up and motivated. Let’s go!