Sunrises, Strides, and Skylines

Gotta love that alliteration, eh. For five weeks now, and on every Friday, I have gotten up at 6:50am to get my morning run out of the way. As rough as it is to get up that early, it is one of my favorite parts of the week and of the start to my weekend. I have a friend that normally meets me , but this morning he slept through his alarm. SLACKER. Actually worked out though! I thoroughly enjoyed my 4 mile run this morning and watching the sunrise. I was THAT girl and stopped to steal some pics along the way. It was just too gorgeous not to!

Learning Point: if you struggle getting up in the morning to workout, have a buddy meet you! Even though my friend didnt show up, I had to get up in the case that he did. Definitely a solid way to keep you accountable! I would most definitely feel bad if he drove all the way to my apt to find out that I was still asleep.

What helps you to get up for your early workouts?

Enjoy the pics:

image1 image2 image3