Baby, I’m back.

Hello. I am back. I got a little side tracked and life kind of took over but here I am to get back into the swing of things. This blog is to help keep track of my fitness journey. To my life of being as healthy as I can be while still enjoying this beautiful life I have been given. This blog is more for my personal benefit than to reach out to the world, but hey, if someone stumbles upon this and feels like they can relate and wish to follow, by all means, WELCOME!

So here is where I am at. My goal weight is 130-135. I started out at 162. I over this year, the lowest I have ever hit was 142. WOO. Life has gotten in the way, no excuses, I am just explaining. Just the other day I hit 150 and i realized it was time to get back on track. For the record, I do not rely on a number on a scale to define my level of fitness. I base my overall fitness on how I feel. The scale can often lie to you, especially because muscle ways more than fat. Just be aware of this!


Anywho, Ive gotta start somewhere. Here is my schedule for the next 4 weeks. I started on November 30th. I created a workout program on the Nike Training Club App that sets me up with 3 workouts a week and one day of 15 minutes of Yoga. In addition, I will be running twice a week and on sundays I will try to either do an hour of yoga or a cycle class at my local LA Fitness. My goal is to reach 100% completion, but id be totally content with having worked out 4-5 times during the week and using the rest as rest days. It will just have to depend on how I feel. I generally like to workout Monday through Friday and take Saturday Sunday off. However, at the moment, I am stoked to start so I am coming in full throttle. My hope is to start off strong and then plateau out with something more sustainable once i have gotten a good kick start.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.26.02 PM.png

Alright, this is getting long so I will end with these:

Pink forwardPink sideblue fowardblue side

It is extremely important to take progress photos! That way you can brag about all your hard work later with amazing transformation and proof! Happy Thursday! 😀