Meet Gaby

Born in Paris, France! But not French. From beautiful Europe I experienced THE South by moving to South Carolina. Following fried chicken and sweet tea, I discovered paradise in the form of beautiful boats, people, and palm trees in South Florida! To get even more complicated, I moved back to Lyon France for a couple years to finally set rest in Atlanta, GA for the last 9 years. Yea, I am a mutt.

I am a recent graduate of the incredible University of Georgia, 23 years old, and I lived in the hustle and bustle of downtown Atlanta while I worked for the most incredible company ever, The Coca-Cola Company. Some changes have happened over the last year and I am now lucky enough to be employed by Pepperidge Farm (YUMM GOLDFISH & MILANOS) I love hiking, playing soccer, and have rekindled my love for running and reading this past year. I have an obsession for indie music, covers, traveling, and oreos!

The Blog

I started this blog during the end of 2014 to have an outlet to chat with as I continue my fitness journey. In May I graduated 20lbs bigger than when I first started. Freshman 15? Hell no, it’s the Sophomore seventeen plus three! It was rough. In June of 2014, I started getting serious with my fitness and by October 2014, I had lost 15lbs. The whole while, I was living at home with Mom’s healthy cooking, and no friends to be bad influences. In October, I finally moved into my own place downtown. Not so easy now. I have a roommate who is a size 0 and can drink a beer every night and not gain a single pound (adore you Caterz, but its true!). Meeting people at our age (22) generally consists of grabbing a beer, or going out. I now need to cook for myself, not too hard when I actually have food, but the whole taking time to prep meals or actually grocery shop is difficult, especially when you live across the street from a Chipotle! I was sick of being in rut and I was inspired by several fitness blogs and decided that it was my time to start one.

Modge Podge of Gaby

Favorite Foods:
– Pesto
– Marinara
– Latin Chicken
– Guacamole
– Oreos
– Hummus

– Gaby
– Gabtron
– G
– Zbag
– Gabz
– Gabbacino
– Gabatron
– Gabalicious
– Kiki

– I have two nationalities
– I speak three languages
– I played soccer and ran cross country in high school
– I am obsessed with Spotify (#1 Fan!)
– I have been to 8% of the world…so far!

Social Media:
– Instagram: GLidback
– Twitter: @Glidback
– Pinterest: Me
– Tumblr:DiscoveringTheLimits

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